Mgr. Daniel Charbulák, Ph.D.  

Brief resume

Research interest

In my research I study the influence of the cosmological constant corresponding to
accelerated expansion of the Universe on an optical effects in the vicinity of compact objects
such as black holes, naked singularities and eventually neutron stars. These effects include,
e. g., a shape of the light escape cones and related silhouettes of the gravitating bodies on a
bright cosmic background, self-illumination of an orbiting light source and the induced light



List of  selectsed article

  • Charbulák, D. and Stuchlík, Z.:
    Photon motion in Kerr-de Sitter spacetimes.
    The European Physical Journal C, 77(12), p. 897,
    Dec 2017
  • Stuchlík, Z.; Charbulák, D. and Schee, J.: Light escape cones in local reference frames
    of Kerr- de Sitter black hole spacetimes and related black hole shadows.
    The European Physical Journal C, 78(3), p.180, Mar 2018
  • Charbulák, D. and Stuchlík, Z.:
    Spherical photon orbits in the field of Kerr naked singularities.
    The European Physical Journal C, 78(11), p. 879, Nov 2018
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