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doc. RNDr. Jan Schee, PhD.



My research interests include study of implications of alternative theories in astrophysical phenomena and cosmology. Namely I’m interested in optical phenomena taking place in the vicinity of compact object, quasi-normal modes of gravitational waves, ultra-high collisions of test particles in the vicinity of compat objects, imprints of alterantive theories of gravity in temperature fluctuations of cosmic microwave background.


My research experience is reflected also in my lectures including Relativistic physics and astrophysics, Physical effects in the vicinity of black holes, Optical phenomena in curved spaceimes, Numerical methods.

List of  selectsed article

  • Schee, J and Stuchlík, Z., Optical Phenomena in the Field of Braneworld Kerr Black Holes, IJMP D, 18, 6, pp. 983-1024 (2009)
  • Schee, J and Stuchlík, Z., Profiles of emission lines generated by rings orbiting braneworld Kerr black holes, GRG, 41, 8, pp.1795-1818 (2009)
  • Schee, J and Stuchlík, Z., Profiled spectral lines generated in the field of Kerr superspinars, JCAP, 8, 005, (2013)
  • Stuchlík, Z., Schee, J. and Abdujabbarov, A., Ultra-high-energy collisions of particles in the field of near-extreme Kehagias-Sfetsos naked singularities and their appearance to distant observers, 89, 10, 104048 (2014)
  • Vieira, R. S. S., Schee, J., Kluźniak, W., Stuchlík, Z., and Abramowicz, M., Circular geodesics of naked singularities in the Kehagias-Sfetsos metric of Hořava's gravity, Phys. Rev. D, 90, 2, 024035 (2014)
  • Toshmatov, B., Stuchlík, Z., Schee, J., and Ahmedov, B., Quasinormal frequencies of black hole in the braneworld, Phys. Rev. D, 93, 12, id.124017 (2016)
  • Stuchlík, Z., Schee, J., Toshmatov, B., Hladík, J., and Novotný, J., Gravitational instability of polytropic spheres containing region of trapped null geodesics: a possible explanation of central supermassive black holes in galactic halos, JCAP, 6, 056 (2017)
  • Toshmatov, B., Stuchlík, Z., Schee, J., and Ahmedov, B., Electromagnetic perturbations of black holes in general relativity coupled to nonlinear electrodynamics, Phys. Rev. D, 97, 8, 084058 (2018)
  • Schee, J. and Stuchlík, Z., Effective Geometry of the Bardeen Spacetimes: Gravitational Lensing and Frequency Mapping of Keplerian Disks, ApJ., 874, 1, 12, 11pp. (2019)
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