• GA-ČR The Czech Science foundation
       - 'Testing Strong gravity via black holes', dr. Roman Konoplya, 2019-2021, 19-03950S
       - 'Albert Einstein Center for Gravitation and Astrophysics', 14-37086G
       - 'Relativistic Kinetic Theory and its Applications on Astrophysical Plasma', 14-07753P 


  • IGS Internal Grant Competition
       - International scientific cooperation with Oxford e-Research Center, RNDr. Jan Novotný, Ph.D, IGS/7/2020

  • SGS Student Grant Competition
       - 'Compact objects modelled within Einstein's gravity and alternative theories of gravity and astrophysical processes
          in the field of these objects', Prof. RNDr.
    Zdenek Stuchlik, CSc., (2019-2020-2021), SGS/12/2019 1 101 639


  • SGF Student Grant Foundation
       - 'Large scale investigation of variability in observational data with chaotic dynamics', Mgr. Radim Pánis, SGF/4/2020
       - 'Light Curve of Radiative Source Orbiting Regular Black-holes'
    , Mgr. Dmitriy Ovchinnikov, SGF/3/2020


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